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Our Winter CSA

The easy way to eat local food year-round.

How it works:

Every harvest season, Locavorious partners with Michigan family farms in communities around Ann Arbor. We prepare and package local fruits and vegetables at peak-ripeness and preserve them in our community freezer. We offer frozen produce subscriptions, similar to shares offered by community supported agriculture (CSA) farms. During the winter months, members can pick up their share of the frozen harvest periodically at designated locations.

With a Locavorious subscription, you get delicious, healthy and locally grown food for the winter months plus you help achieve a larger mission of promoting sustainable food systems, reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of current food distribution, and preserving family farms.

What to expect:

Our Winter CSA runs from December to March. Each month, members will pick up 7 packages of frozen local produce at designated locations. Overall, members receive 28 bags of locally grown frozen fruits and vegetables. This season, we are offering a Classic Share (a selection of Locavorious favorites) and a NEW! Custom Share for members to choose the exact products they want throughout the winter.

What does locally grown mean?

We asked a couple hundred people around the Ann Arbor and southeastern Michigan area what local meant to them. 90% of them said either within 100 miles of Ann Arbor or from the state of Michigan. With so much delicious, naturally grown fruits and vegetables available in this area, we can achieve that and more. Our commitment to our community is to keep the miles our food travels as low as possible.  Most of our food will travel, in total – from farm to kitchen to freezer to your fork – no more than 100 miles.  Occasionally we will visit and purchase from farms in Ohio and Ontario.  Typically our Michigan organic tart cherries are the food with the most food miles; they come from Frankfort, MI, about 230 miles from here.  If that sounds better than the frozen food in grocery stores that travel over 6600 miles to get there then join us today!