Eating the whole plant...or Greasy Beets & Greens

I love beets.  I know not everyone shares this sentiment.  Still, hear me out – beets are one of those wonder plants that you can eat the whole thing; both root and leaves are sweet, nutritious and amenable to a variety of preparations.  If that’s too highfalutin…consider the cheapskate argument – a bunch of beets is like getting 2 for 1 vegetables.  For Michigan locavores and gardeners, beets are nice because they keep for so long in the fridge…except for those lovely green leaves, you’ve got to eat or freeze those pretty quickly.

So, on to the recipe.  Let’s say you’ve got some beets a keepin’ and now you’ve got some frozen locally grown bright lights swiss chard!?  Check this out:

Carmelized Beets, Garlic and Greens, or as we call them in my house, Greasy Beets & Greens.

  • 4 or more large beets
  • ~ 6 or a whole bunch of garlic cloves
  • olive oil
  • 12 oz Locavorious frozen swiss chard
  • salt & pepper
  • crumbled goat cheese

Scrub and peel (if you want) the beets and then finely dice them into little cubes, kindof like hashbrowns.  Pour out enough olive oil to cover the bottom of a cast iron skillet.  Heat on medium.  Toss in beet cubes.  Cook, stirring occasionally for ~ 15 minutes.  Meanwhile, thaw the greens while you wait.  Chop the garlic and toss in with the beets.  Continue to cook for a long time on kindof low or med-low heat.  Cook loonger.  Like ~ 30 or 40 minutes or until the beets are soft and carmelized.  It will be hard to resist if you taste them right now, but try not to eat them yet.

When the beets & garlic are soft, add greens, salt & pepper (maybe start w/ about 1/4 teas each and adjust); stir to mix up and get the greens under the beets.  Continue to cook until greens are hot.  Sprinkle with goat cheese crumbles.

And if you know any beet haters, or some live with you, this recipe will work pretty well with other good old root vegetables…even potatoes.

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