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Pick-up dates & times

Here are the pick-up sites planned for the winter 2016-2017 CSA.    These venues are all great spots to stock up on local food & drink.

Ann Arbor Farmers Market, 315 Detroit St, in the lovely and historic Kerrytown district.  Open through the winter!  Members come one Saturday per month to get their shares.  “Trading” of share items is possible at the farmers market pick-up.

Morgan & York, fine wines and specialty foods at 1928 Packard, Ann Arbor.  Shares will be available at Morgan & York any time after 3 pm on the pick-up start day.  The store is open 7:30 am-9 pm Monday-Saturday, and 10 am  – 4 pm on Sundays, and you can come anytime that works for your schedule.  Shares are pre-packed in shopping bags, so unfortunately no trading is possible.

Washtenaw Food Hub, 4175 Whitmore Lake Road, Ann Arbor.  Home of Locavorious and other local food artisan producers, such as the Brinery, and pick-up site for Tantre Organic Farm CSA.  Another time-flexible pick-up spot! Shares will be available after the time/date listed, and members can come anytime during the week that the WFH is open to pick up their food.

Harvest Kitchen at 4175 Whitmore Lake Road, Ann Arbor, a soul-sister business.  Harvest Kitchen prepares meals from locally grown food, and offers a prepared foods CSA and retail business.