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Recipes from Locavorious

Kabocha Cheesecake

What’s sweeter and more flavorful than pie pumpkin? Kabocha! As members might recall, over the years Locavorious has roasted and . . . → Read More

Seared tofu with sugar snap peas

Maybe tofu isn’t so hip anymore, but I think this searing technique ups it’s game a bit. Searing sounds much . . . → Read More

Apple pumpkin crisp

Take the two best flavors of autumn….and put them together!! I liked this recipe because it doesn’t go overboard on . . . → Read More

Farmers market potato salad

Looking for a change of pace from traditional potato salad? This dish could be called “Not-Just Potato Salad.” This recipe . . . → Read More

No-Need-to-Bake Blueberry Cream Pie

Heat waves are wonderful for berries, summer sweetness…but who wants to cook? Here’s a no-oven-needed dessert perfect for fresh or . . . → Read More

Rhubarb snacking cake

Here’s a recipe for rhubarb snacking cake from the lovely Rachel Cook, a baker, chef and gluten-free baking whiz from . . . → Read More

Zucchini soup from Morgan & York

This rich and creamy tasting yet completely vegan soup is a great dish to make with frozen summer squash and . . . → Read More

Pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips

Skip the “pumpkin” lattes and try this old favorite recipe of ours. This recipe, and any other that calls for . . . → Read More

Heirloom tomato paella

If you are still loaded with your garden or farm-fresh local heirloom tomatoes, here’s a great fall recipe, adapted from . . . → Read More

Peach clafouti

With last year’s peach harvest being, well, challenging to say the least, we’re happy to say that this year’s is . . . → Read More