Locally grown broccoli perfect for freezing right now

The freezer is nearly full, but the farmers and the Locavorious kitchen team are still working.  The weather seemed to have delayed the fall broccoli and cauliflower this year, but now they are coming into harvest.  This year we have broccoli from four Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market favorite vendors –Tantre Organic Farm, Wilczewski’s, Umin Farms and the Goetz’s.   You’ll know which farm your broccoli comes from because each package is labeled with the farm’s name and date it was picked.

I happened to visit Tantre this fall and see their organic broccoli just before the first harvest.

Umin Farms, who uses all organic methods, harvested some of the largest heads of broccoli I have ever seen this year….perfect for a vegetarian fall bride.  

Here are some pix….a row of Tantre broccoli, Rena taking a head of broccoli for a walk, florets to be.

To prepare the broccoli for freezing, we first soak it in ice water, then chop it into florets.  The florets get a 45 second blanch in boiling water, and then go into a clean ice bath to halt the blanch.   Frozen broccoli  works well in soups, casseroles, quiche and stir fry, and it pairs well with many flavors – cheeses, garlic, curry, ginger, soy sauce, lemon, and butter, just to name a few.  Mmmm broccoli-cheese soup was on the menu last week.










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