Announcing a new joint venture between Locavorious, local growers and artisans:

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April 1, 2016 Locavorious’ eighth birthday! In the weeks of early spring leading up to this day, we like to re-visit the company’s mission and goals, consider the past, envision the future, and use our birthday to announce new green initiatives. I’d also like to thank all of our customers and CSA members for their grass roots support for locally grown. In this spirit, I am pleased to announce a brand new joint venture with local organic growers and artisan bakers. This joint venture will be structured as a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, and we believe it’s high time for this type of CSA in Michigan. You want to know your growers. You want to lead a relaxed, all-natural lifestyle. You want to treat yourself right. You want to support the environment and the local economy all at once.  And now you can.

Announcing Tokavorious ™ – Your locally-grown weed CSA.

Our mission is to provide locally grown, organic, and pure medical marijuana and edibles enabling people to benefit the earth, themselves and our community by toking local.

Washtenaw County farmers will be growing the greens, and Locavorious will provide processing, drying and baking assistance. Longtime local activist, Mary Jayne, will be the Tokavorious’ operations manager.  While attending the Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, Jayne spoke with High Times reporter Leigh DeBackk explaining the Tokavorious CSA program as a win-win. “Local growers know the supply needs and will be able to increase their production. Each week CSA members will get locally grown, organic and flavorful buds in a variety of cannabis strains, such as Michigan’s own Cannabis Cup Winner Sunshine #4 grown by Phil Dibole. Members will also get baked on monthly incredible edibles with local ingredients, like local eggs, flour and butter.  According to Jayne, “our biggest challenge now is the acronym CSA, which is popular and understood among local foodies, but has a different meaning to smokers  – Controlled Substances Act. Actually, it lets Tokavorious customers say they are adhering to the CSA!”  Stay in on the joke, take a locally grown toke.

So get those prescriptions filled, folks, and stay tuned for details on how to sign up!

PS – April Fools!

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