Tempeh tacos local style

Here’s a lovely local take on tacos that can be made year-round with frozen vegetables out of season, or fresh . . . → Read More

Red pepper bisque

This recipe comes from Curtis Wooten and Julian Turner of Avalon International Breads in Detroit. I came upon this lovely . . . → Read More

Roasted red pepper dip


Ready to health-up the football-game-watching-snacking and have no one notice? Try this dip!

Locavorious freezes sweet peppers from local favorite . . . → Read More

Veggie Barley Bake

Our charming book club hostess, Beth, served this dish for a cold winter evening dinner, and I went nuts for . . . → Read More

Creamy snap pea & green bean casserole

We were sledding with the kids all Sunday afternoon in the sunny cold, so I really wanted to make and . . . → Read More

Lamb and Red Pepper Ragù with Pasta

Cold weather makes me want to eat hearty meat-filled meals, and recently I was fortunate enough to get a ½ . . . → Read More

Smoked turkey and swiss chard

Knowing I had a smoked turkey drumstick waiting at home in the freezer, I envisioned making a smoked turkey, kale . . . → Read More