Simple Spring Jam

Fresh spring flavors combine for a simple, bright-tasting jam.  Make some for Mom this week, and serve it with fresh bread, toast or scones.  Bring Mother’s Day brunch to a new level!

12 oz frozen Locavorious strawberries
12 oz frozen Locavorious rhubarb
1 lemon
1/4 cup of sugar, plus more as needed
A pinch of salt

2 or 3 metal teaspoons
Knife and cutting board
Measuring cups
2- to 3-quart, heavy-bottomed pot
Potato masher or large fork
Spatula or wooden spoon
Clean half-pint jar with lid


  1. Combine the fruit and sugar in the pot: Combine the fruit and the sugar in the pot along with the pinch of salt. Squeeze in a 1-inch wedge of lemon and then drop the rind into the pot. Turn the heat on to medium and mash the fruit a little until a chunky texture is reached. Don’t mash the lemon too much as you will want to fish it out later.
  2. Cook the fruit: Bring the mixture up to a boil, stirring frequently. When a boil is reached, keep an eye on it, still stirring frequently.
  3. Check for the set: When the bubbles become smaller and thicker, after about 5 to 8 minutes of boiling, start checking to see if the jam has achieved the thickness you’re looking for.
  4. Check for sweetness: Taste the cooled jam in the spoon. Add one or two tablespoons more sugar as needed for sweetness or a touch more lemon juice for acidity.Stir it into the jam and continue to cook until the set is reached. (If the jam is set when you tasted it but you want it a little sweeter, add the sugar and cook for a minute or two to dissolve.)
  5. Jar it up! Turn off the heat and carefully spoon the jam into the jar. Set it aside to cool, then screw on the lid, label it with the fruit and the date, and store it in the refrigerator, up to three weeks. Enjoy!


  • You can also freeze this jam. Just be sure you have left 1/2-inch of headspace in the jar or container so the jam can expand while freezing.

springjam1 springjam2

Adapted from by Maggie.



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